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14.-15. 12. 2006

Pictures by Hannu

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of the meeting days

All participants by in one picture: Ismo Mäkelä, DeskArtes; Guy Hubert, DeltaCad; Seppo Laukkanen, Sensetrix; Aydin Ozturk and Ahmet Bigili, ICI; Alkis Poulis, NIKI; , Boyan Angelov, Nemetschek; Dimiter Valev, Melon; Ivan Orvieto, TestaLuna; Mustafa Kasap; Steffen Strassburger and Tina Hase from Fraunhofer IFF; Stephane Grachery, UNIGE Miralab; Timo Tossavainen, VTT and Hannu Kuukkanen, VTT behind the camera.

Many thanks on behalf of the project consortium to Stephane and the staff of Unige MiralabI for the meeting arrangements and hospitality.

End Term Meeting was very successfull and the project results were accepted by all votes of the meeting.

Timo Tossavainen demonstrated the product
Latest version of CADPIPE software was downloadable from the test server in 12.12.06 This version was running in the meeting during this demonstration and later during the training period.

Supported standards (present situation)

  • Import to CADPIPE: IVE, OSG, IGES, Step (AP203 and AP214), 3DS, STL, Collada
  • Export from CADPIPE to Real time rendering: all Open Scene Graph supporting rendering engines (OSG is a widely supported open standard)
  • Export from CADPIPE to CAD software: IVE,OSG, Collada The best CADPIPE export Data format is IVE. The second is Collada which can be stored in several types of data bases, even as a normal folder structure.

CADCHAIN was voted to the new product name. Seppo Laukkanen the SME Coordinator, promised to reserve the domain name (.com and .org) and establish and open web site for the CADCHAIN product and put there the contact information of partners.

Properties of the preset CADCHAIN production pipeline software are:

  • Import to the CADCHAIN via several 3D file format standards by best possible support of the 3D properties needed in the real time rendering
  • Adding and editing surface properties
  • Adding and editing properties of the 3D objects
  • Storing the properties and objects in structural data format
  • Simplifying te object data
  • Building large scenes inside the system by adding objects and by multiplying objects
  • Adding animation to objects
  • Exporting the object data back to CAD software for correction or changes
  • Exporting the scenes to several real time rendering engines




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