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ICI Building



Ahmet, Murat, Guy, HyungSeok,

Mustafa, Serkan, Krum, Boyan, Steffen, Tina, Ismo, Deniz, Timo

Meeting table partners close-up in rear part of the table

ICI Aydin demonstrating shader technology

FhG/IFF Tina's demnostration in Material Editor

UNIGE Mustafa and Hyung Seok demonstrations

VTT Timo's demonstration about data formats

Ismo and Exploitation Agreement

Lunch entrance

Lunch table Mid and South Europe

Lunch table Mid and North Europe

Meeting continues. Aydin, Ahmet, Murat form ICI

Guy Hubert from DeltaCad

HyungSeok and Mustafa from Unige

Deniz from InfoTRON

Dinner - Cheers to CADPIPE

Starters in a close-up

Dinner Hannu (VTT), Aydin (ICI), HyungSeok (Unige)

Meeting conditions were good and resuls were reflecting it.
Previous work and deliverables were accepted and several important technical issues were prepared up to the plans and draft solutions.

Many thanks on behalf of the project consortium to Aydin and ICI for the meeting arrangements and hospitality.

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picture by Hannu