CAD production PIPE



Work plan

1. Research on CAD production work-flows and present 3D data exchange file formats

2. Research on state of the art of material rendering technigues

3. Research on state of the art of hardware rendering, parametric surfaces and datareduction

4. Research on realtime culling technigues and spatial databases

5. Research will be made for collecting requirements for the project modules, reported as detailed Product Development plan Product development

6. Development of the surface properties data bank (Properties Database)

7. Development of the tool for handling surface properties

8. Development of the tool for handling surface properties communication in the production line. Material editing tool to the VisualEditor tool-set

9. Development of the spatial database based on the information from phases 1) and 2).

10. Development of an CAD import/export tool for IGES, STEP, VRML, OpenFlight, DXF/DWG (Autocad), 3DS (Kinetix), STL, Universal 3D, X3D (or some other) to a commonly used 3D-modelling tool. Development of an export tool from IFC, GDL, X3D, STEP, IGES, VDA (or other = data transfer file format X) to a commonly used 3D modelling tool (included to the Visual editor). The system will use some of the most common and most capable open or standard transportation file formats as the resource file to export 3D data into a standard file format

11. XML standard description to export properties not supported in transportation file standards

12. VisualEditor import tool)

13. VisualEditor tools to spatial database connectivity

14. Development of a spatial database import tool for the Visual Editor system

15. Development of activity design tool for the Visual Editor system

16. Design of the level editor tool

17. Design of the Common Visual Editor User Interface


CADPIPE system flow chart


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